Mack W. Frantz

Mack is a Ph.D. student at West Virginia University.  He basically wants to do wildlife research for a living since it doesn’t feel like real work and gets to enjoy the outdoors (when actually outside of his cubicle office!).

LOWA selfie
Mack with the Louisiana Waterthrush (Parkesia motacilla), a bird that specializes in forested stream habitat

Mack loves birds and the main focus of his professional experience. Otherwise, he and his wife Renee have a desire to reconnect people with the natural world and spread environmental stewardship through their own (tiny) living habits and those of others!

Renee Cooper-Frantz

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Renee spends her free time reading in the sun, quilting and thinking of ways to prank Mack. She’s spent way too long in college earning a Bachelors and Masters degree in Dental Hygiene and a Masters degree in Public Health from West Virginia University. She dreams to ‘change the world’ although she declines to specify if she’s speaking of the world of plants or humans.



Bernie is a Blue-headed Pionus (Pionus menstruus) and over 19 years old. She has been part of Mack and Renee’s family for 13 years. All you need to know about Bernie is that she really loves pizza crust. If you don’t pay “the toll” as you pass her on Pizza Night Fridays you better get movin’ (she has wings you know!).  Bernie looks forward to seeing what her new living quarters will be like in our tiny house.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking- Charlotte is just a stone goose. But she is more than that- Charlotte is a stone goose who likes to play dress up! When Renee was little, her grandmother had a large stone goose outside her house that wore a rain jacket, rain or shine (I’ve heard it’s an OH thing). Anyway, per tradition we decided to adopt our own baby stone goose from the OH State Fair since we won’t have room in our tiny house for stone geese of the large variety.  She is symbolic of our fun, laid-back nature and eagerness to enjoy the smaller things in life.

Interested in finding out what she’s wearing this monthYou can find out here (it changes throughout the year!).

Charlotte wears different clothing depending on the time of year, but sometimes she has a mood of her own!
Charlotte wears different clothing depending on the time of year, but sometimes she has a mood of her own!