Happy New Year! Santa Thinks Tiny Too

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas holiday season and a Happy New Year! Renee and I on Christmas Eve by tradition left Santa a note in case he may stop by our house:


Our letters are usually well-received (although I actually have been given coal before, probably deservedly).  We are very fortunate to report that despite Santa’s larger-than- life, er, “body frame,” he believes in the tiny movement…

I have never seen a reindeer pull a sleigh or anything for that matter, so can’t dispute Santa’s weight limit claim.

Renee and I are very fortunate to be proud new owners of an impact driver (a tiny house tool probably used the most), a speed square which will be extremely handy once we learn how to use it, heavy duty tape ruler, and utility pouches.

Santa thought we were good this year. BOY we must have tricked him. I guess trying counts!

We will have our floor plan figured out pretty soon. Arguably the planning stages are the most important.  Stay tuned for more content on tiny house design and planning soon!

In the meanwhile as Santa said, Think Tiny My Friends!

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