Tiny House Trailer options

There are numerous options available for tiny house trailers, both in terms of custom-built and DIY approaches. Renee and I decided that the only part of the tiny house we did not want to DIY was the trailer. The trailer is the main structural foundation of your house, and we did not trust ourselves (or lack of welding abilities) to give it a go. We figured best to leave it up to the experts instead of spending thousands of dollars to botch up a good trailer.

We decided to purchase a custom-built trailer from Wishbone Tiny Homes stationed in Asheville, NC. Teal Brown, the founder of Wishbone, is very knowledgeable and will go out of his way to make sure a trailer is custom-fitted to your floor plan.

Our custom 8’x28′ trailer was $7100 + shipping.

Other options we considered after several months of research before going with Wishbone Tiny Homes were:

  1. We were very close to purchasing a trailer from Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders. Dan Louche is well-known in the tiny house world and has one of the best books on construction of a tiny house.
  2. While Tumbleweed is a well-known company, we did not want a trailer with built-in thread rods, steel-sheet flashing, or a trailer with so many extra steel cross-members (just additional weight).

This one website has a nice comparison between Tumbleweed and Tiny Home Builder trailers.

3. We reviewed Seattle Tiny Homes but did not go with them mostly due to them being on the other side of the US! We also wanted to make our own insulated subfloor rather than receive a trailer where it’s pre-installed.

4. Tortoise Shell Homes apparently also sells trailers but we never inquired with them after meeting with Teal and be sold on a trailer design by someone we actually met in person. So I don’t have an opinion either way about their trailers.

5. Finally, if we never have met Teal, we would have gave serious consideration to Iron Eagle Trailers that has many trailer qualities that we like.

In the age of internet, information is everything and everywhere. Information is also sometimes the only way good people make a living and what separates them apart from the rest. There are several proprietary differences to Wishbone Tiny Home trailers that are not exactly like these other popular options. While during our tiny house build we plan to divulge much about the construction process, specific details of the trailer design we won’t disclose out of respect of the hard-working people of Wishbone Tiny Homes. Their trailer design has evolved many times over the years to a solid design platform that works for them and for us. We recommend to contact them to receive a custom trailer already built for the floor plan and accommodations you have in mind! BTW we’re not being paid in any way to promote them- we just really love their trailer design and Teal, and want to direct people to tap into the right resources (who can provide consultation for construction/design too).

We also recommend if you take anything out of our trailer blog is to not buy used unless you’re already very familiar with the trailer history and know how to check for constructural flaws (which to us seems like a guessing game)! We totally believe in trying to save on costs and upcycle cradle-to-cradle style when possible, but buying a used trailer just reminds us of the biblical story of the man who built a house on sand instead of a rock (Matthew 7:24-27). Don’t accidentally buy “sand” on what you hope the rest of your house will permanently stand!

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